Brownies and Cookies by post with a difference…..

Inspired by Asia, handmade in Pembrokeshire and delivered by post through your letterbox. Your first taste is with your eyes, but you won’t get the full experience until you buy a box.


What connects Asia to Brownies and Cookies?

Brownies and Cookies are like a blank canvas (a very delicious blank canvas). Usually you see them loaded with marshmallows, chocolate bars, caramel and basically anything that gives you a toothache. Brownies and cookies are a world away from Asian food which usually feature natural spices, aromatics and fruits. Asian ingredients and flavours are some of most complex and versatile in the world. But did you know that when used right, these complex and versatile flavours make Brownies and Cookies even more delicious?

Flavour doesn’t follow rules

Rules and limitations on what ingredients belong together just limits flavour, it’s time to throw away your preconceptions. Open yourself up to to new concepts of Flavour to provide you with a richer, more exciting experience. Some people ask why, we ask why not? every ingredient in our products is there because it makes it taste better. It’s not as simple as adding a bit of chilli to your normal brownie mix, it’s a lot more complex than that! But we understand complex flavours so you don’t have to.

Asian inspired flavours

Still exploring

Asia is a very big continent full of amazing ingredients and flavours, We’ve only scratched the surface.
With flavours already have influenced by Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.
I’ve spent a long time exploring recipes, traditions and ingredients, I love to share my knowledge and passion for flavour.
Every flavour I make has it’s own origin story, which you can read before you add anything to your basket.


Easy Cookie Recipe

If you want something really plain and simple, this recipe will do the job. Our recipes a lot more complex, but a lot more exciting.
Our best recommendation is to keep yourself busy with this recipe, whilst you wait for your delivery of special brownies or cookies to arrive!

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