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5 Reasons your Dad will love our brownies & cookies this Fathers Day!

You can stop searching for Fathers Day gifts, you’ve found them! Here’s why.

1) Dads love our brownies

Every brownie has been subject to the highest level of scrutiny. Tried and tested by Dads, we can tell you the verdict is “the best brownies I’ve tasted” and that’s not just feedback from the owner’s Dad.
Every brownie goes through the cuppa test, if it doesn’t improve the experience of sitting down with a hot beverage, it’s not good enough to sell.

2) Dads love our cookies

Just like our brownies, our cookies go through the same vigorous testing. This is the reason you don’t see 5 spice cookies as an option (let’s never talk about that again)
Every cookie has to be soft, chewy and definitely not hard! They get bonus points if they’re dunkable.

3) They’ll love the wow factor.

Fathers Day only comes once a year. They can get a mars bar or a chocolate digestive any day of the week. There’s nothing better than discovering something new and exciting! Especially when they look this good.

4) They get to feel special.

We’ll add gift wrap and your own personalised message, at no extra cost. Our Dads very rarely expect a thank you for all the things they do, but when they do get a thank you, it means a lot. That’s why we want to help you say thanks in a more meaningful way.

5) Satisfy the Sweet and Savoury.

Some Dads have a sweet tooth, some have a savoury tooth. Every Dad will love our goodies because they satisfy both teeth!
They belong in a category of their own, so if you want to guarantee your Dad has the best flavour experience, you can trust us to make that happen!

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