Banana Pancakes

This is one of my favourite recipes, and I want it to become one of yours too. I won’t bore you with too much information, but before I get to the recipe I want to introduce you to the flavours.

There’s two secret ingredients (well not so secret anymore) these pancakes extra delicious. For a lot of people, you’ll probably have mose of these ingredients hanging around in your house.

A little more conventional

Black treacle is so underrated, usually recipes call for honey, or maple syrup, which are much lighter and sweeter. But I prefer black treacle for its deep rich, even slightly burnt flavour. It just packs so much more flavour, adding an element of caramelization to recipes.

A little less conventional

Have you tried banana and miso bread yet? It’s fast becoming a trend. I prefer to use Doen-jang though, for a similar reason I would choose black treacle. It has a rich and deep flavour, which perhaps shouldn’t work, but does so well. If your unfamilar with Doen-jang, it’s a fermented soy bean paste, made of brine and soybean, its a staple for any Korean household, (and my household)

Let’s get to the recipe…


-2 Medium bananas (about 200g)
-2 Medium eggs
-20g Doen-jang (If you can’t get it though, you can use miso)
-70g Light brown sugar
-30g Black treacle
-140g Self-raising flour
-1 mullerlight toffee yoghurt (or 160g of any other toffee yoghurt- it’s very important it’s toffee!)


Step 1

– Mash the bananas with the doen-jang, try and get it as smooth as you can. Next whisk in the eggs and the yoghurt.
Finally whisk in the sugar and black treacle


Step 2

-Sift in your flour and whisk until pretty smooth. It won’t go completely smooth unless you blend it Honestly it’s about personal preference though, I quite like them a teeny bit chunky.

Step 3

-Very lightly grease a non stick pan (although it depends how good your pan is, you may need more oil).
Bring the pan to a medium heat and add about 1/4 of a cup (60ml) at a time. Watch for the surface to rise a bit and test the edges for firmness, they are quite delicate to flip so it take a mixture of speed and skill.
You’ll learn from the first pancake if your temperature is too high, so adjust accordingly. I usually get about 10 pancakes from this mix.

That’s all it takes! I like to enjoy these just as they are but you could also serve them with some ice-cream or fruit. Whatever you feel like really. Just make them your own 🙂
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