Leek, Brie and fragrant chilli galette

This recipe fuses Asian, welsh and french cuisines all in one delicious pastry. you can make your own pastry with my super simple recipe, or to make it fast and easy you can buy ready made and rolled shortcrust pastry from the supermarket.

A galette is basically shortcrust pastry rolled out into a circle with toppings plonked in the middle, leaving an inch border, which you then fold up just like you can see in the image. I used leeks and brie because they go beautifully with the flavours of the chilli sauce. however halloumi, cheddar, gouda and similar cheeses would work just as well.

Pastry recipe

-250g Plain Flour
-125g Butter (cubed)
-1 egg yolk
-water (if needed)

1. if you have a food processor add the flour a pinch of salt and the butter and process until it resembles fine crumbs. (if you don’t have a food processor you’ll have to rub the butter in by hand, as you would if you were making scones)
2. next add the egg yolk and process again, add a little water at a time and see if a dough begins to firm (you shouldn’t need much water) when it starts to come together take it out and knead it slightly until it comes together into a ball of dough (again if you have no food processor add the yolk and water and use either a fork or just your hands to bring it together)
3. chill for an hour before rolling out into a large circle.
4. once rolled out place onto a lined baking tray ready for the toppings.

-1 to 2 tbsp fragrant chilli sauce
– 150g brie sliced to 0.5cm to 1cm thickness
-1 leek
-2 new potatoes or 1 small potato sliced into very thin rounds
-1tbsp Butter

1. slice the ends of the leek, then slice in half. remove the outer layer and slice each half into 1cm hemispheres.
2. melt the butter in a frying pan and caramelise the leeks on a medium heat for around 10 minutes
3. spread the chilli sauce over the rolled out pastry leaving about an inch border
4. top the chilli sauce with the potato slices, leek and then the brie.
5. Now all you need to do is fold the edges inwards and overlap the topping by about 1cm and crimp as you go around the edges.
6. you can egg wash if you like then cook for around 15-20 minutes @175C(fan) until the pastry is cooked on the bottom.