Environmental Responsibility

Packaging is essential, but whats also essential is considering the environmental impact of that packaging.
I’ve put together all the information you need to know how to dispose of this packaging, and the reason it’s used.

Polythene Bag-

They are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) which can be recycled. However you will need to check with your local authority. If they mention bread bags, food bags, squeezable bottles or carrier bags that can be stretched.
Why use it?
The bags are heat sealed, to ensure the baked goods are fresh when you receive them. They prevent anything from the outside getting inside


yes the tag containing all of the product information is made from kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable
Why use them?
Previously colourful sticker labels were used which are more convenient and could be considered more visually appealing, however in consideration of the environmental impact, this has been changed to kraft card. All of the relevant information is still containted on the label, but with non of the additional environmental harm.

Tissue Wrapping


yes it is recyclable and can be used again if you wish to wrap your own gifts
Why use it
I simply use it for an additional layer of protection, so the goodies get to you in the best condition.
If you would prefer this not to be included, just let me know in the purchase notes section

The Box

The Kraft boxes are 100% recyclable and food safe
Why use it-
I do our best to choose a box site that fits what you’ve ordered. I want to minimise the spare space in the box to ensure your treats won’t move around to much and get damaged. I use a letterbox size where possible as I know you can’t wait at home for your parcels all day. It also makes an excellent surprise gift.

Eco Bubble Wrap-

It’s in the name really, it is indeed recyclable. Just recylce it as you would carboard.
Why use it-
Simply used to protect your precious treats during transit.

The Stamp

Why use it
Every tag contains a stamp of the company logo. We designed it with get stamped, because for every custom designed stamp, they plant a tree.
I wanted to add an extra personal touch to our packaging, without overloading you with more things to dispose of. That’s why I chose a stamp, because it means no extra work for you!

Gift option

I use twine and Kraft card tags, which are both recyclable
Why use it
I want to give you the option to make your gift a little bit more special, but I also want to minimise the additional waste. That’s why I’ve chosen twine rather than ribbon.

Brownies & Cookies

I’m 100% sure there won’t be any Brownie or Cookie wastage, because you’ll surely eat them all!