9 Coconut and Lime Brownies


The  punchy zest of lime is balanced across the mild sweetness of coconut. You don’t need to love coconut to fall in love with these brownies.

What to expect

9 Brownies made with a minimum of 70% cocoa dark chocolate, decorated with a lime drizzle and a sprinkling of dessicated coconut. Wrapped and delivered in a lettbox friendly package 

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The main flavours both have their origin in Southeast Asia, so it’s hardly surprising how much they’ve shaped Asian recipes, especially desserts.
A little bit about Coconut….
Sweet, buttery and creamy, the strong flavour of coconut can be too much for some people, but don’t discount it. The key to unlocking the best flavour of coconut is balance, too much of anything can destroy flavour. Coconut is very rich and creamy, so it needs something sharp and punchy to prevent it overtaking the whole flavour.
A little bit about Lime….
All citrus fruits are thought to be native of Southeast Asia and lime is one of the most distinctive, with a much more sour than sweet flavour. It works so well in savoury dishes because it’s not too sweet. You’ll find that Kaffir Lime leaves actually feature a lot in Asian desserts, which really has quite a different flavour to lime juice, it’s actually quite similar to bay leaf which is just too savoury for brownies, that’s why we stick to Lime juice!
Lime and Coconut…
You just can’t really question this combination, it would be like saying strawberries and cream don’t belong together! Lime is the perfect citrus fruit to work with coconut, because it’s not so sweet that it’s overwhelmed by coconut, but it’s not so bitter that the flavours end up fighting with each other, they just harmonise.
Finish it with chocolate…
Usually you tend to see white chocolate paired with lime and coconut, because the sweet creaminess of coconut and white chocolate blend. But then the flavour becomes slightly one dimensional, the additional contrast of rich dark chocolate creates a more indulgent, balanced flavour.
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Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 1.9 cm

Ingredients and Nutrition

Granulated Sugar, Unsalted Butter (MILK), EGGS, WHEAT Flour(WHEAT Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin),Belgian Dark chocolate Couverture Min 55% (Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier;SOYA lecithin, Natural Vanilla) , Cocoa Powder, Natural Coconut Flavouring (Natural coconut flavouring, ethanol) 1%, Lime 1%
Nutritional Information
Typical values per 100g 2026kj/ 482kcal, Fat 26g, of which saturates 17g, Carbohydrates 57g, of which sugars 46g, Protein 6.2g, Salt 0.11g
Typical values per 43g brownie
Energy 871kj/207kcal, Fat 11g (Of which saturates 7g Carbohydrates25g (Of which sugars 20g), Protein 3g, Salt 0.04g
Storage and Shelf life:
All brownies are despatched within 24 hours of baking. They have a shelf life of 2 weeks.
Once opened transfer to an airtight container or wrap well, they should keep for a week.


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