9 Orange and Cardamom Brownies


 The fresh citrus of orange is enhanced by the fragrance of cardamom. We have to warn you, once you try these, plain old chocolate orange just won’t be enough any more.

9 Brownies made with a minimum of 70% cocoa dark chocolate, decorated with a cocoa drizzle and a scattering of candied orange pieces. Wrapped and delivered in a letterbox friendly package.

You can add a gift message and we’ll gift wrap for no additional charge with your personal message.

Please note: There’s only so many treats we can fit in one letterbox parcel! So if you are adding more than one item to your basket, you’ll receive a larger package. Find out more about our packaging here



Chocolate & Orange is already a much loved combination, so why rock the boat? Because cardamom makes it even better.

A little bit about Cardamom…

Native to the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia, the cardamom pod is used extensively as an aromatic in both savoury and sweet dishes across Asia. The flavour is a little like a savoury citrus zest, with an incredibly strong aroma. If your a fan of chai, then you will definitely recognise the distinct flavour it carrys.
It’s incredibly versatile and can be suitable for sweet as much as savoury, depending on the ingredient pairings. Alongside cumin, coriander and tumeric, it makes a wonderful curry. trade those for rose, pistachio and white chocolate and you have a beautiful dessert.

A little bit about orange…..

First cultivated in Southern Asia, but globally consumed. Orange is not really a flavour that needs to be explained. We enjoy as it is, we enjoy it in marmalade and we enjoy the flavour in a jaffa cake or chocolate bar. It has a flavour that stands strong on it’s own, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made stronger.

Cardamom meets chocolate & orange…

The sweetness the orange brings is balanced by the slight savoury note of cardamom. Yet the cardamom itself enhances the citrus fragrance of orange. The combination brings out the rich indulgence of the dark chocolate, without becoming overwhelmed by citrus sweetness. If you’ve never tried the combination before, it may take a moment for your taste buds to adjust. After that moment, you’ll never go back to plain chocolate orange again.


Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 1.9 cm


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