The mind behind the flavours

Owner & Flavour Creator

I much prefer taking pictures of my delicious treats, but I made an exception this time. It’s nice to see the face behind a brand, so here’s mine.
I’ve been experimenting with flavours and techniques for as long as I can remember and now I’m sharing the results through my range of confectionary.

Developed using my expertise as a chef and my passion for flavour. Being self taught, I’ve been able to pursue the techniques and flavours that inspire me most, which just so happen to be Asian.

The Motivation

It really is quite simple. I love sharing my passion for flavour. It makes me happy when people enjoy the food I make and I love suprising people with new and exciting combinations.

It’s my mission to create a flavour for every taste, using inspiration from the cuisine I’m most passionate about. I want people to see how much more there is to Asian flavours and sweet treats.

The journey is never over

Just look at the variety of flavours in that one image alone! I don’t plan to stop experimenting and creating any time soon.

Ultimately I would love to have a bakery where I can let my creativity run free. There’s only so much you can send in a post box and it would be lovely to serve customers directly in the future.