Understanding complex ingredients so you don’t have to

I developed my flavours using my expertise as a chef, matched with my passion and respect for Asian ingredients. Using my knowledge I’ve spent a long time developing perfectly balanced flavours, to showcase the beautiful versatility of Asian ingredients.

I want you to fall in love with Asian flavours and get you excited about trying new things. My brownies and cookies give you the chance to taste and understand ingredients in new ways, hopefully even giving you the confidence to play around with flavour yourself!

The meaning behind the name

My goal is not to be authentic, everybody has their own idea of authenticity. When you look for a recipe on the internet, how many claim to be the authentic recipe? and how many different authentic recipes have you seen for the same dish? I take inspiration from all recipes, traditions and ingredients of Asia, to create something new and different. My products are influenced but not defined or restrained by Asian cuisine.

Everybody has their own idea of what is authentic and what tastes good, I know you can never please everyone with one flavour, thats why I want to create as many new flavours as I can to make sure everyone can find their favourite.

If you want to learn more about the origins of the business, follow this link The Journey so far

Challenging Perceptions

Some people ask why? I ask why the hell not? You might initially be sceptical about Asian flavours in brownies and cookies, but when you try them, you’ll understand the method behind the madness. When your working with complex versatile ingredients, it would be an injustice not to explore their full potential, thats when you discover something truly special.

I love to use miso in a rich noodle broth, I love it just as much in brownies. Cardamom works wonders in curry, it works just as beautifully with chocolate. You probably get the picture.
In the UK we’ve fallen in love with Asian food, but we’ve only scratched the surface. I want to dive to the centre, and I want to take you with me.

No gimmicks just superior flavour

I’ve created my brownies and cookies with balance and restraint. I don’t chuck whole chocolate bars on top, or overload it with confectionary. My brownies and cookies may not look the most extravagent, but they pack a punch when it comes to taste. my goal is to celebrate the full potential of Asian ingredients and get you excited about flavour.

I don’t add anything to my recipes that doesn’t belong there. I work hard to balance complex flavours to provide the best taste experience for you, so I will never add anything that would impair that flavour. The packaging has been designed with freshness of the products and sustainability in mind.

The future

Confectionary is just the begining. As a chef I have a passion for savoury just as much as sweet. My vision for the business is to open a bakery full of Asian inspired bakes as well as expanding into private catering and events

Your opinion matters

I listen to every bit of feedback I get, positive or negative. I want you to have the best experience, if there are any flavours you’d love to see please let get in touch and let me know, I’m always in the kitchen experimenting……